D5 Community Challenge - Blender Special


Blender Livesync with D5 Render is here to offer you the fastest, most cost-efficient real time rendering workflow! Use the free plugin D5 Converter-Blender to sync models, materials, cameras, lights or views from Blender to D5.

Texture baking for Blender materials(including procedural textures) is supported for either all your materials or just the selected ones. 

Once you have the scene ready in D5, start grabbing assets from D5 Asset Library that includes animated people, plants, particles, cars and decals. Enjoy other handy features in D5 like one-click round corner, PBR texture import, AO&Outline mode styles of rendering. Working with Blender for photorealistic animation has never been easier. 

Download D5 Render and the plugin for free now https://bit.ly/3LQY0Fm

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Win Intel Processors of over$3880!

🍩How to enter D5 Render Community Challenge-Blender: https://forum.d5render.com/t/12895

Join the community: https://discord.gg/x2CZ3wwf7g

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